Currently in development for PC and Mac, Space Maker is a breathtakingly ambitious space simulator. Its primary function is to bring you as close to the stars as possible without having to leave your computer, while covertly teaching you about how the heavens work through numerous methods of interactivity. Whether you want to take an elegant tour of the solar system, or destroy it with a black hole, Space Maker is sure to make you feel like you're there... without having to be there.

I am the sole developer of Space Maker, handling everything from hand-painting textures to programing physics, so it will probably be no surprise that Space Maker is still in a very early stage of development. Be that as it may, please take a look at some of the scenes and features below.

A special thanks to my college physics and calculus professors, Ania Wyczalkowska and Steve Schluchter, for inspiring me to embark on this journey, as well as to Eric Remigino, for mentoring me in the way of programming!